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Writing Update

Writing update December 2017

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, a new Novel (Murder on the Alpha Centauri Express), a new poetry collection (A Human Veneer), a new children’s book (Gross Gary) and my first Exhibition of Photography (Lost in the Graveyards of Ireland).

I’ve made a few mistakes, chief among them, I probably should have had more patience in looking for a publisher for Murder on the Alpha Centauri Express, but I feel I have progressed as a writer and gained many new readers.

Next year look out for: The Deaths of Guner Zoon (sci-fi comedy), A Landscape for Yourself (poetry collection and photography collection) and one or two new children’s books.

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Have a great Xmas and happy new year

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Children’s Book

Each book comes with a FREE Imaginary Friend … ideal paperbacks for Xmas stockings
(imaginary friends may vary wildly)
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Upstairs Cat
Gross Garry

Upstairs Cat

Adventures with Upstairs Cat

What do Seasick Pirate Parrots, Jellybean Trees and a giant snake called
I-Promise-I-Won’t-Eat-You have in common?
If you don’t know yet then you should read the Adventures of Oddsocks the kitten, as he follows his new friend Upstairs Cat into a magic glade where all the strange animals and plants of the world are living together.

Adventures with Upstairs Cat, in print, available now …