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Writing Update February 2018

You’d think being snowed in for four days I’d have a whole novel written by now, or at least gone mad, luckily my collection of singing potatoes kept me sane.  Up to 20,000 words with my historical/supernatural murder-mystery novel Fyre & Stone, so quarter the way there.  A Landscape for Yourself (poetry collection) will be launched in Tullamore in August, along with the Photography collection of the same name (more details on that closer to the time).

Will be working on a fourth Botolf Tale (4 of 6) for the new Botolf (almost) Oxford book this week and hope to have new Youtube videos for you all as soon as possible.


Thank you for your readership


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Just Say It … poetry

Just Say It


Just say it

if you have something to say


She masks the meaning of her machinations

mixing her metaphors

intertwining innuendo

like lovers locked in lip-service

serving only the cerebral cyber cyphers

that are incomprehensible

to the incompetent voyeur

with his lack of vampiric virtues

and his virtually vacuous knowledge

of the gloomy gothic arts

grotesque yet gregarious

simultaneously strange and familiar

forming as they should part of his own

foundation in fictional formation


Just say it

if you have something to say


Her words are weighty

well-chosen sounds to surround

the sinner with psychedelic scenes

in super cinescope

the graveyard

the gravestone

the graven-faced lady

a grave mistake indeed these

grave analogies

over anxious and under analysed

what is the message

what is the motif in your motive

where is the fire that once fanned

the fighting spirit to be spirited away

in spite of beauty

substance has been substituted for semblance


Just say it

if you have something to say

instead of images behind tired illusions

and incessant alliterations

ironic as they are here

Just say it

If you have something to say


Taken from the Collection ‘A Human Veneer’.  Available on all Amazon Book Stores now, Paperback and eBook.

My new Collection ‘A Landscape for Yourself’ will be out August 2018 with an accompanying Photography collection of the same name.

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Watch this space for details …

Genres of Writing


Genres I have written in so far ….




Historical Crime Fiction

Children’s Stories



Genres I hope to write in at some point …

Horror (gothic fiction and Gore fiction)


Epic / High Fantasy


Youth Adult Fiction

Comedy Erotica

Satirical Biography / mockography

Superhero Fantasy

Writing Update January 2018

New year, new books, new photographs … working hard on a new Supernatural / Crime Fiction Novel: Fyre and Stone.  Also reediting the Botolf Books, which will have new editions very soon.  Other projects to watch out for this year will be A Landscape for Yourself (poetry collection) which I’m hoping to launch alongside a Photography collection of the same name, watch my blog and twitter for details on that one.  There will a new Upstairs Cat book (children’s books) for Xmas 2018.  Finally, and at long last, The Deaths of Guner Zoon (comedy sci-fi / adult humour) will be launched in the summer.

Other side projects are on the go and I’ll keep you updated on those as the year goes on.

Happy reading


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