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THUMBNAIL_IMAGETemporal TomeGAprintcover



BookCover#2 kindle51ok6nqtpYL41IUt9o73gLA Human Veneer cover

Cosmogonic Marbles

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Temporal Tome

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Gadzooks Armageddon

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Dawn at Midnight

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WarWorld: Shadows & Dominions

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 The Complete Botolf Chronicles

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A Human Veneer

Murder on the Alpha Centauri Express Link 


Cosmogonic Marble (part I of the Botolf Chronicles)

Temporal Tome (part II of the Botolf Chronicles)

Gadzooks Armageddon (part III of the Botolf Chronicles)

WarWorld – Shadows & Dominions

Dawn at Midnight (Selected Published Poems 1995-2015)

A Human Veneer

 The Complete Botolf Chronicles

Murder on the Alpha Centauri Express

Cosmogonic Final Mixed Media Cover COVER TT Art 5 GTXT (Faststone)5. Gadzooks GIMP (1)BookCover#2 kindle



Cosmogonic Marbles, Temporal Tome & Gadzooks Armageddon covers by Linda J. Cunningham




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