About the Author

Steve Downes is an Irish contemporary poet, playwright and novelist, currently living and working in Ireland. Born in Country Louth in 1973 and educated in NUI Maynooth. He holds a Degree in Classical History and a Masters in Anthropology.

Steve is a published poet since 1996, his poetry collections to-date are: The Pagan Field, Cityscapes, Urbania, A Human Veneer & Dawn at Midnight (mid-term anthology).

Steve’s first novel was published in 2013, his novels to-date are: Cosmogonic Marbles, Temporal Tome, Gadzooks Armageddon (the Botolf Chronicles), Warworld: Shadows & Dominions (part 1) and Murder on the Alpha Centauri Express.

Steve has also published two children’s Books: Adventures with Upstairs Cat & Gross Gary and the Slug and Slime Pie.

Steve continues to write and publish work in many genres.

In 2017 Steve launched his first Photography Exhibition, Lost in the Graveyards of Ireland.


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