World Poetry Day

3 poems from my work-in-progress

Walking the Track


Stuttering with symbolism

seems silly

almost superfluous

to the everyday situation

starting out on the stretch

a sustained effort

both you and I

a willing struggle

with the stipulations

of betrothment


the long stride

strode in unison

following a set track

into the sweep of unknown

spaces unexplored


stuttering with symbolism

almost superfluous

but still suggestively symbolic

of hopes and dreams

Walking the Track

The Naked King

Proleek Tomb


Four millennia has stripped more than

a pound of flesh from your bones

the naked king is exposed to all

wanderers and weather

well-wishers and the wicked alike

bask in your ancient silhouette


by modernia


by the creep of crass chronologies

created by curious caretakers of faiths


The naked king reigns

the metaphoric monarch of imaginations

imagines all of us

our fleeting lives like dragonflies around

a stagnant pool


as he has stayed and will stay

until the wanderers and weather

wear his form from bone to stone

from stone to memory

from memory to


the Naked King

A Snail’s Progress


The weight is wearisome

the way is vertical

but the little creature wanders

along this pathway anyway


it was safer on the surface

could have cliqued into the cluster

there was order in the ordinary

but the little creature

choose to climb


I am a snail

halfway up

halfway down


weighted down with the baggage

of a tardy bard

could have sat at the foot of the wall

sluggishly watched it all


as it unfolded

the little creature

choose to climb any way

A Snail's Progress#1




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