Writing Update

Hi folks

The long (non) summer continues, getting more direction as to where I’m going with current projects.  My new novel The Cerberus Chain is based on an idea I’ve had for some time now, it will be a gritty, realistic thriller, set in Dublin in the modern day (my first attempt at such a work).

Murder on the Alpha Centauri Express (sci-fi murder-mystery) is still with the editor, will be making a long-list of publishers to approach with that one soon.  I haven’t started my new poetry book yet, mainly because I’ve been working on a debut Photography collection based on my visits to Ireland’s lost and neglected graveyards (more news on that later in the year), thinking of writing a new poetry collection around the photos, but won’t make that decision for a few weeks yet.

Side projects continue, mainly to keep me sane, Radio Mordor, Luddites Lexicon and Children’s short stories are all tipping along nicely, hope to post a new short story soon to keep you all amused … watch this space

Thank you for your readership

A Human Veneer cover

P.S. anyone who is reading A Human Veneer, reviews are most welcome



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