A Poem In Every Room

A Poem in Every Room


In the kitchen she has scribbled on the recipe book

a line that stirred up a stew of emotions

but now she’s forgotten why they were so angry

and the meal goes stale and uncooked


At the breakfast table a cereal box is ripped open

like the side of doomed ship against jagged rocks

a single word misspelt on its broken mast

had a whole story once but now swept out to sea


Beside the sooty fireplace where the embers of

last night’s warmth are quietly dying

the discoloured wallpaper has a pen mark

a turned phrase

a rhymed rhythm

that means nothing to her now

days after the flame and heat are gone


Over a bedroom writing desk

a lit lamp lurches

arch-backed like a hunch as if someone

were deep in creative thought

but then disturbed by a hand on a shoulder

and left a blank page with nothing to do

but to write itself


* * *

From my new Collection A HUMAN VENEER

Launch date 23rd May all Amazon Book Stores




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