Stargazing poem cover1

                          The heavy windless chill wraps itself                                                                  around us

wraith-like fingers reaching into flesh and gripping bones

its ghost cold breath invigorates us

makes us feel alive and vulnerable with discomfort

necks craned upward

we exhale into the night our clouds of cooling life

forming ghosts then dissipating to nothing

revealing the black dome sky

full wheel of cosmogonic wonder

beyond counting

beyond calculation by a night walker’s mired mind

looking out to the hive of worlds

busy with their own creations

their lives and deaths

but are they too busy to be looking back at us

somewhere on a cold hill

beyond a metropolis

where a heavy windless chill is making them feel alive



From A Human Veneer, release date 23rd May 2016 on all Amazon Book Stores


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