Here’s a sample from my latest offering A Human Veneer, which will be available on all Amazon Book stores from the 23rd of May 2016, more details to follow …

crows song finished

The Crows’ Song


Those crows croon a chaotic chorus

outside my bedroom window

a harsh harmony harangues me

from a horrid dream

of drowning under a demented

perception of a past

pestering me

pitching itself permanently

on a nocturnal landscape

littered with little litmus

testing my tethering rationality

to its transgressive tolerance


Realities rarely raise their regal heads

into my self-depreciating deceptions

depriving me of dreamy peace

persisting on their piercing

pathological path

just like the crows’ song

sung superciliously in

scornful auras played out for my

personal displeasure


Pleased with their morning’s work

they take to wing as

willow-the-wisps whisking away

from the window before

an awakened mind can catch them

contain them

consign them to a far flung sphere

where sins and sinners are but symbols

in a callous stanza

cawed out in a crows’ chorus


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