The Fire

The Fire 41IUt9o73gL


Silhouettes against a kaleidoscope

fast-motion dancers on the stage floor

the DJ spins another web of indecipherable drivel

and the hunt begins again

another great exhibition of sexual instincts –

animalistic – boys and girls

all hues – peacocks in Ben Sherman shirts

all persuasions – no barriers

playing ‘catch me’ the game of youth

and in the corners

dark shadowed asides

lovers and loners and

regretters sipping vodka and wondering where the

time went


I sip my vodka

and eye the exit measuring my time to leave by the

level of my glass

unexpectedly a spark

a flame that has not glowed for decade

almost forgotten – turned to ash

her eyes are fixed on me

how long without approaching

we stare across the madness – hearts thumping with

old excitements

teenage kicks and kisses remembered


enacted in the fire

her head turns

of course there would be another

how many did it take to forget me?

after all

a dozen lovers I mistreated to bury her

she smiles

I reciprocate and understand

you can’t burn the same fuel twice

not even if we wanted to

she falls away from view

into the silhouettes


I think I’ll order another vodka

and dance



From Dawn at Midnight, Collected Published Poems by Steve Downes

Available in Print and eBook



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