The Gobshite

He can go up-side-down turtle on cue

and U-turns and U-bends he’s been in a few

he’s got a manifesto and a sense

of what might be right

he is the Irish political gobshite

He’s got expense accounts and

tax-free havens on the Isle of Man

he knows you can’t pay your water bill

but he’ll give you a cheap sip from his

EU jerry can

He’ll be a Protestant

a Catholic

or if caught in the hotel room

a sinner who’s seen the light

so long as you vote for the

Irish political gobshite

She’s got enough arrogance to

fill the hole in her soul to the brim

you can’t be moral and meek when

there are profits to skim

if it’s democracy or justice you seek

you’re in for an awful fright

because the gobshites who didn’t vote

just elected another Irish political gobshite


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