Writing Update

4 novels square

Now that the Botolf Chronicles have come to an end, 3 books, three years writing, editing and promoting, I think I have discovered enough of the pitfalls and obstacles that confront the struggling novelist that I will be producing more novels.  I am determined to produce a major writing project every year, for as long as I can, and have already made a writing plan for 2016.  As for the rest of this year, my sci-fi Murder Mystery, Murder on the Alpha Centauri Express, has passed the magic 30,000 word mark and I hope to have a 1st Draft my xmas.  I’m working on two ‘just for fun’ project, one is the Botolf Academic Calendar (which you may see posts from time to time) and the other is still hush hush.

I’m still penning poems for my new collection, Commentary, and that will be released as an Amazon book sometime in 2016, a second collection, for main stream Publishers, is also underway.

Thank you once again for your readership

Steve D.


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