Reviews Cosmogonic Marbles

from Amazon Books


A real (and hilarious) roller-coaster ride of multiple characters and incidents and invention, leaping between worlds, time periods and storylines till you wonder how on earth(s) this author is going to pull it all together – and then, amazingly, it all clicks into place with one more rip-roaring invention.

Milliganesque absurdities pile on just recognisable (and very clever) feasibilities.

This book is clever, amusing, entertaining and treads the fine line between brilliance and insanity pretty much all the way through!

The absurdity level is off the charts yet all this does is make it all the more brilliant and funny.
Simply put, if you like your kicks on the surreal side, look no further.
This title would sit comfortably with many in the Pratchett collection, and at times (usually after spilling my coffee over the sofa, sides split) was left wondering if It wasn’t a hidden Adams’.

The book is essential reading for those who enjoy intelligent humor, wit and sarcasm.

It is fantastical and farcical, it is strange without being conceited, which is remarkable for a first novel.

Mr Downes doesn’t do mainstream and it is this that makes Cosmogonic Marbles worth reading. An instant classic? Well no, more like the snarling rage of Johnny Rotten wrapped up in quirky sense of humour.

An extremely entertaining read full of genuine surprises.

For lovers of authors such as Tom Holt, Richard Rankin and Walter Moers, this trans-dimensional journey is a winner.

I Am astounded at the authors imagination, what a tale, what a tall tale, but what a read. Well done Mr Downes!


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