I’m Complacent about Rainbows

I am complacent about rainbows
indifferent to sunshine
unperturbed by blood red sunsets
and smug toward starlight

I am unworried by the west wind
calm about cold snaps
frosty on the subject of frost
tranquil about tremors
and serene when it comes to tsunamis

I am fearless in the face of famine
unconcerned in the company of conflict
disengaged at the deaths of dozens
disingenuous about the suffering of others

I am secure behind the television screen
kept cool on the keyboard
kept silent by the conditioning
of the senses subtlety saturated
by sapping streams of infomercialisation

I am complacent about rainbows
they’re all one colour anyway


From Misplaced Places collection 2015
Available on Amazon for limited time only


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