New Title: Land of Lies by Cal Murphy

Check this new book out ….

Pagan Publications - MultiMedia Arts Projects

NEW from Pagan Publications Ireland: Land of Lies by Cal Murphy available on all Amazon Book Stores Today #novel

Writer, Cal Murphy, touches down at LAX. His Marine pal, Johnny Kensow, picks him up and the two drink themselves into the following week. For this week and two more, Cal obsessively documents his day-to-day happenings as well as the criticisms, insights, and hallucinations that come with them.
With an endgame in sight and a meantime for degeneracy and brilliance, Cal is certain the next phase of his life will pan out better than the last. When his sure-thing living situation falls through, and then his job, he begins to second-guess this rationale. His new self quickly devolves into his old: a womanizing, self-loathing drunk.

This old self is explained as journal entries from day’s past surface—many of them dealing with his ex, their fallout, as well as the dismantling of…

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