Excerpt from Temporal Tome

Excerpt from Temporal Tome
Part II of the Botolf Chronicles by Steve Downes

There was something satisfying about slapping Matilda’s face that Chrom felt deep in his soul. He gave him another few hard ones despite the fact it was obvious he had awoken from the trance.
“I’m up Mother, I’m up,” called Matilda.
“Shut him up or we’re going to get caught,” whispered Jumping Badger as he peered around the corner of the doorway.
“What do we do now?” asked Fred, the Hand of Denis perched on his shoulder.
“Find Philip and get out of here.”
“This place is massive, we’ll never find him.”
“What about that hand of yours?”
The Hand of Denis somehow managed to shrug.
“Great, looks like we’re on our own. Well, we can’t leave him here, I’m sure something terrible is going to happen to him.”
“What makes you say that?” asked Fred.
“Because it’s Philip, something terrible is always about to happen to him.”

Chrom pulled Matilda to his feet. “I think it was a mistake ever coming here in the first place,” he said. “Why did we come here anyway?”
“For that,” stated Chrom as he pointed at the small blue swirling globe, “we need to bring it with us.”
“I’m not touching it,” said Jumping Badger. Inside he just wanted to get back to the coast and safety and strangle his mother-in-law.
“Me neither,” said Matilda, glad to be out of the spell of the Orphen. His dream had been more of a nightmare, he’d ended up been stuck down that bloody well again.
“Any ideas Fred?”
“Yes I have.”
There was stunned silence and the other three looked at Fred with wide opened eyes.
“I have an idea,” he said with a great big clever smile.

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