Snippet from Temporal Tome, part two of the Botolf Chronicles

But what of the mad monk?

Few medieval documents tell of his fate. In some college basements, where scrolls and records of lesser academic importance are stored, scraps of his story can be found and, if a student were determined, he or she could find out that the mad monk lived on for another twenty years after the night of writing the Codex Gigas.
It seems he remained a monk, and he also remained mad, in the care of his fellow religious brothers. It is suggested by fragments of records that he wrote many more books, dozens, perhaps even hundreds, each written in a single night. But sadly, none of these other tomes have survived, as they never quite reached the same level of notoriety as the Codex Gigas. Who wants to read a book written in one night called ‘Things that I know I know but I’m not sure you know that’ or ‘My summer holiday on Mars’.

During this productive phase of writing, it is thought the mad monk bound the lose velum skin pages of his mysterious prophetic scribblings into a book and for reasons, known only in his mad mind, called the book The Big Children’s Book of Gateways Through the Netherworlds.

Temporal Tome

Cosmogonic Marbles


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