Just Say It

new poem #2

Boston Poetry Magazine

by Steve Downes

Just say it
if you have something to say

She masks the meaning of her machinations
mixing her metaphors
intertwining innuendo
like lovers locked in lip-service
serving only the cerebral cyber cyphers
that are incomprehensible
to the incompetent voyeur
with his lack of vampiric virtues
and his virtually vacuous knowledge
of the gloomy gothic arts
grotesque yet gregarious
simultaneously strange and familiar
forming as they should part of his own
foundation in fictional formation

Just say it
if you have something to say

Her words are weighty
well-chosen sounds to surround
the sinner with psychedelic scenes
in super cinescope
the graveyard
the gravestone
the graven-faced lady
a grave mistake indeed these
grave analogies
over-anxious and under analysed
what is the message
what is the motif in your motive
where is the fire that once fanned
the fighting spirit to be spirited away
in spite of beauty

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