Upstairs Cat

half-way through writing the sequel to Adventures with Upstairs Cat, the book should be available from the 1st of December and will make an ideal Xmas gift for young reader, watch this space …. are you watching? 51ox7m1ap7l-_sx331_bo1204203200_



Writing Update August 2018

It’s been a stop/start month for writing, which can be frustrating, but on the up side my Poetry book and Photography Collection ‘A Landscape For Yourself’ has received plenty of support, many thanks to everyone involved.

Finished one children’s book and working on a sequel to ‘Adventures with Upstairs Cat’ (out December 2018), then straight back to my Murder-mystery novel ‘Fyre & Stone’.

Editing continues on ‘Botolf Tales’ #comedy and ‘The Deaths of Guner Zoon’ #comedy #scfi, I hope to have at least one of those ready for publication before the end of the year.

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A Snail’s Progress

The weight is wearisome

the way is vertical

but the little creature wanders

along this pathway anyway


it was safer on the surface

could have cliqued into the cluster

there was order in the ordinary

but the little creature

chose to climb


I am a snail

halfway up

halfway down


weighed down with the baggage

of a tardy bard

could have sat at the foot of the wall

sluggishly watched it all


as it unfolded

the little creature

chose to climb any way

A Snail's Progress#1

Poem taken from ‘A Landscape For Yourself’ by Steve Downes

Writing Update June/July

It’s that time of year again when writing projects come to fruition, the first new book of the 2018 is ‘A Landscape For Yourself’ (poetry collection) and it’s accompanied by a photography collection of the same name.  The book and exhibition launch in Tullamore Library on the 2nd of August, and the book is available in paperback on Amazon from the 1st August (worldwide).

landscape for self cover #3

I’m just coming to the end of my first children’s book of the year, An Apprenticeship to Professor Vantastic, hoping to approach mainstream publishers with that one, meanwhile I’ll be working on a second Upstairs Cat book for Xmas 2018 and it will be on Amazon by December 1st.

As soon as the kids’ books are done it’ll be back to my supernatural crime murder-mystery ‘Fyre & Stone’.

Guner Zoon (adult sci-fi) and Botolf Tales (comedy) are in the editing process … more details on those later.

I have a new Instagram account, feel free to drop by @  stevedowneswriter

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