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Cosmogonic Marbles is a comedy adventure through time, space and lunch … each copy comes with a free alternative dimension in which you get a free alternative dimension


Art work by Linda J Cunningham


What’s Happening Write Now

landscape for self cover #3

Currently writing – An Apprenticeship to Doctor Vantastic the Universe’s Only Multi-Dimensional Vet (children’s book)

Currently editing – The Deaths of Guner Zoon (comedy sci-fi novel) 
Botolf Tales (short stories/comedy)

Awaiting Launch – A Landscape For Yourself (Poetry and Photography book)
A Landscape For Yourself (Exhibition)

And they say men can’t multitask

Poetry Development

Dawn at Midnight charts my development as a poet; sometimes naïve, sometimes silly and sometimes strange, all of these poems were published in magazines, journals and books between 1995 and 2015.  After 2015 I really began to think about poetry collections in a more serious way, ‘A Human Veneer’ is the first of those collections and ‘A Landscape For Yourself’ is the second (published August 2018)

Here are the links for Dawn At Midnight




April / May Writing Update

Getting to the sharp end of the year, books and exhibitions coming thick and fast.

A Landscape For Yourself (#Poetry collection & #Photography collection) will be launched this August, all ready to go, launch is in Tullamore on the 2nd, and the book will be available on all Amazon Stores from the 1st.

I’ve just finished the 1st draft of Botolf Tales, the 4th Botolf book, hoping to have that one ready before the end of the year, five (long) short stories to entertain you #comedy #fantasy.

Starting work on a new #childrensbook now, one for the Xmas list, more details on that later in the year.

The Deaths of Guner Zoon is an adult comedy sci-fi, I’m thinking of serialising the book in five parts on Amazon, releasing each episode two weeks apart, for the minimum price.  Let me know what you think about this on Twitter @writer_s_downes

Thanks for your readership, your reviews are always welcomed


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Writing Update March 2018

landscape for self cover #3

Writing Update March 2018

Quick one this month, just put the finishing touches to A Landscape For Yourself (poetry collection), the launch of the book, and the Photography collection that goes with it, is August 2018, more details on that later.

Working hard on my new supernatural crime fiction novel, Fyre & Stone, (hoping to find a mainstream publisher for it) and apologies for no news of late about my Sci-fi Comedy novel The Deaths of Guner Zoon, it’s still in the proof reading stage, but we will get there.

Thank you for reading


Writing Update February 2018

You’d think being snowed in for four days I’d have a whole novel written by now, or at least gone mad, luckily my collection of singing potatoes kept me sane.  Up to 20,000 words with my historical/supernatural murder-mystery novel Fyre & Stone, so quarter the way there.  A Landscape for Yourself (poetry collection) will be launched in Tullamore in August, along with the Photography collection of the same name (more details on that closer to the time).

Will be working on a fourth Botolf Tale (4 of 6) for the new Botolf (almost) Oxford book this week and hope to have new Youtube videos for you all as soon as possible.


Thank you for your readership


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