7th June

Set in the same universe as Murder on the Alpha Centauri Express, The Deaths of Guner Zoon is a very different book, dark comedy with a touch of steam punk and an engrossing plot-line, release date is 7th June 2019 (kindle and eBook) and July 2019 paperback … reviews very welcomed

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Coming in June …

“Will I say Steve Downes is the greatest writer in the world, no, of course I won’t, I’ve never heard of him … hello … hello …” Stephen King 5 stars

coming this June The Deaths of Guner Zoon #comedy #scifi


zoon cover 4

World Poetry Day

On Their Own Strange Way


On their own strange way

the named and dated march

as uniformed soldiers world

to a drum beat out in time


On their own strange way

the stones alone have taken umbrage

protestants against the clearance

petrified pickets in an unmoving ridge


On their own strange way

separated from flesh and bone

uprooted from eternal rest

restless hewn totems set to roam



History Hunting

Work in Progress

Missus Carbury stood like a smoking gargoyle at the top of the stairs, her long white pipe dripping from her cracked lower lip,  “I’m not in the habit of letting guests into resident’s rooms,” she mumbled.

“I’d say so,” grunted Stone, his tired heavy feet making stonefall on each step as he passed her and headed upwards.

“I’ve buried four husbands you know!” croaked Missus Carbury as he moved up above her.

“Were they dead?” asked Stone in a weary voice.

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